LAPD Van Nuys Cadets Post 517:

Training and leadership program for teenagers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen who are motivated to better themselves and be a positive citizen within their community.

Officer Larry Kolb #33034

LAPD Van Nuys Volunteer Program:

Make a difference as an LAPD volunteer and be the change you want to see in your community.  Through their dedicated service, volunteers reflect the quality that is representative of the people of Los Angeles and the LAPD. In turn, the Department recognizes the valuable assistance that volunteers provide, and considers them as an integral part of the LAPD team.  (VCPP, Traffic Safety, Clerical/administrative support, Detective support)

Officer Jimenez #38903

LAPD Van Nuys Jeopardy Program:


  •  After-school program for children between the ages of nine and seventeen.
  •  Work and serve as a positive role model to economically and academically disadvantaged at-risk youth. Provide parent and youth counseling.
  •  Instruct and inform families about challenges faced by youth, such as peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and gangs.
  • Plan, implement and provide teaching and influential methods of intervention to at-risk youth, such as group and family gatherings, field trips, and a safe haven facility and environment.
  • Infuse at-risk youth with the LAPD’s Core Values of “Service to Our Communities; Reverence for the Law; Commitment to Leadership; Integrity in All We Say and Do; Respect for People; and Quality Through Continuous Improvement.”

Our goal is to effect positive attitudinal changes in the at-risk youth to have a positive impact on the community


Officer Akserelian  #39031

Officer De Jesus #39865